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Senior Wellness Program & Activities

Age 55+ Fitness

We help improve quality of life and maintain individuals in their preferred home environment in the community through our services.

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Lunch & Learns, Monthly URI Pharmacy & URI Nutrition, Fall Prevention, Brain Games & DOH evidenced based programs

Age 55+ Wellness Clinics Education

Monitoring / Screening

Blood Pressure Clinic/Nurse Consultation, Podiatry Clinic, Immunization Clinic & Balance Assessment

monitoring & screening

Intergenerational Events

Harris School Students, Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Flag Day, Veterans Dinner, RIC Nursing Students & Beacon Charter School


Barre Fitness Classes

Barre Fitness uses a stationary handrail that provides support during exercise. It is a full body muscle endurance workout that strengthens core muscles and enhances flexibility. Overtime, it improves balance, posture and core strength.

barre classes

Zumba Classes

Zumba combines Latin music dance moves with cardio, muscle conditioning, balance & flexibility. It’s a great cardio workout that melts fat & strengthens core & increases flexibility. It moves between light & low intensity to burn calories & increase endurance.

zumba classes

Line Dancing

Choreographed dance where a group of people dance along to a repeating sequence in lines or rows. It is great exercise and a fun way for the senior community to increase strength & muscle function. It also is great for coordination & memory.

Line Dancing

Tap Classes

Offers fundamental drills that train body & musical ear. Warms up ankles & lower legs to get ready for tap movements and repetitions. Learn to shift weight, learn choreography and have lots of fun!!

Tap Classes

Keep It Moving Classes

keep it moving classes

Chair Yoga

chair yoga

Ballroom Dancing

ballroom dancing

Mindfullness & Meditation

Mental Training practices that teaches you to slow down thoughts, let go of negativity and calm both Mind & Body. It combines meditation with mindfulness on “the now”. It helps decrease stress, heart rate and it increases immunity and promotes restful sleep.

Mindfullness & Meditation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are available to anyone over 55 years old or adults with disabilities.

Yes! Take a look at our Activity Calendar and drop in to take a class or two. We assure you that you will love our classes.